Yola Comparison and Review

Yola Review


  • Provides excellent guidance for website creation
  • Offers excellent customer service
  • Extremely user-friendly website builder
  • Offers 24/7 phone customer support
  • Offers free account option


  • At the time of this review, we did not identify anything that we felt should be labeled as a con.


Yola News

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Yola Creates New Sub-Menus in Their Website Builder

Yola has added sub-menus as a  new feature to their website builder. This feature helps make the websites built through their website builder more user-friendly and visually appealing for visitors. The sub-menus allow you to categorize your website content, reduces top navigation clutter, and provides better SEO ranking.

Key features of their new sub-menu include availablity for all premium styles and the integration of their sub-menus and designs. This helps make user sites appear more attractive because their menu is customized to their site's design. This feature also allows you to hide or show pages in the navigation and edit labels and alt text for pages in tyour site navigation.

This feature is only available to the Yola Silver customers.

Yola's Features

Name of Plan

Yola Silver

Price Per Month (including hosting)


Domain Registration Cost


Payment Terms


Free Trial

No, but

Number of Templates


Setup Wizard


E Commerce Tools

Yes, but

SEO Tools


Hosting Space

5 GB

Number of Email Accounts


Image Library


Customer Support

5 stars for Yola's Customer Support

Ease of Use

5 stars for Yola's Ease of Use