1&1 Comparison and Review

1&1 Review


  • Low monthly cost
  • Offers month-to-month plans in addition to annual plans
  • Offers 24/7 phone customer support
  • Live chat support available
  • Free one-year registration of a .com
  • Easy email set up for your domain


  • Can't edit HTML of the website template without an upgrade
  • No ecommerce option available with "Website Builder" packages


First and foremost- this review is about 1&1's Website Builder Basic Package, NOT the MyWebsite Basic Package. They are very similar products, and it's extremely confusing, so be mindful of the difference when reading the review or signing up for the product.

1&1’s Website Builder Basic plan is a great tool and currently available for $11.88 for the first year (an effective rate of $.99/ month). After the first year, the product renews annually at $6.99/ month rate ($83.88/ year). The builder is easy to use and very flexible, but the number of templates offered at this level or a bit limited. While we found that content blocks were not able to be manipulated by dragging and dropping, we loved that 1&1’s builder can completely reorganize your site’s information into predetermined layouts with a few simple clicks. They also have great customer support options, including high quality, 24/7, US-based technical phone support.

Ease of Use

1&1's Website Builder Basic website builder received 4 out of 5 stars for Ease of Use. They provide the most comprehensive setup wizard that we have seen. Whereas most setup wizards gather basic information to help you start working on your website, 1&1’s entire interface is designed to guide you through creating your site all the way from start to finish. Direct editing features make it easy to customize your site, but 1&1 does not provide drag-and-drop content block manipulation. Adding site elements is a simple one-click process that instantly places your element into position on your site. Uploading images takes no more than three clicks at a time. 1&1's Website Builder packages don't offer access to their free royalty free image gallery. Accessing that requires a MyWebsite package (Plus or Premium).

Website Builder Basic offers 50 website templates for you to select from and customize, however, these templates are not industry specific like the ones offered in the 1&1 MyWebsite packages. This package also does not allow you to edit the HTML of the templates, however, the website builder offers above average flexibility in pother respects. You can completely switch the entire design of your website in a few clicks due to the user-friendly organization of your site layout. 1&1 allows you to insert metatags for the purpose of optimizing your site for search engines. The builder also allows you to add many types of content to your site, including content blocks like text, image, table, button, blog and widgets. 

Customer Support

1&1 received 4 out of 5 stars for Customer Support. Technical phone support is advertised as available 24/7 to paying customers. The technical phone support appears to be U.S. based and is very knowledgeable. We even tested on the weekend, and they answered all our questions correctly. 1&1 also offers live chat and email support as well as online tutorials, a searchable knowledge base and a forum (although the forum is not particularly helpful at this time).

Account Features

1&1's Website Builder Basic account includes 10 email accounts related to your domain name (i.e. yourname@yourdomain.com) with their website builder service. 1&1 also includes Privacy Protection from the WHOIS database for free if you decide to register your domain with them (which typically costs $8 to $20 per year from other registrars). The WHOIS database is a publicly searchable database with information about the registrants of domain names. Keeping information like your name, address, telephone number, and email address out of this database helps protect you against unwanted marketing, spam, and identity theft. When Privacy Protection is enacted, your domain registrar will keep this information private by replacing your contact information with theirs. A unique feature that this plan offers is that it is also a hosting plan with unlimited data storage, which means, if you decide to replace the website that you built using their tool with a Wordpress website or something else, this account can work just like a traditional hosting account.


1&1’s MyBusiness Basic plan has an intro price of $.99/ month, but they require you to pay up front for the first year, which is $11.88. The renewal rate is $6.99/ month, which also requires upfront annual payment. 1&1 includes the first year of domain registration with this plan, but after the first year, the standard 1&1 registration fee of $14.99. 1&1 can also host a domain you’ve already registered with another registrar, as long as you point your domain to 1&1’s server. 1&1 offers a 30-day free trial so you can fully their services before committing to an annual plan.


1&1 offers two Website Builder upgraded packages: Plus & Pro. The Plus package is currently available for $59.88 for the first year, with a renewal rate of $9.99/ month and features like a more templates, a web app and the removal of the "Powered by 1&1" ad that can't be removed from the Basic package. The Pro package is currently available for $119.88 for the first year with a renewal rate of $14.99/ month. This package offers everything in the Plus package and adds an SEO assistant, access to an image library, a 1 click Facebook site, the ability to edit the HTML of your site and an SSL certificate (changes your http:// site to https://).

1&1 also offers two other website editors: MyWebsite, which is similar to Website Builder but offers industry specific templates, a large image gallery and the ability to add ecommerce (up to 1,000 products); and an eCommerce Website Builder that is designed to manage an online store with thousands of products. One thing to remember is that you can't easily switch between Website Builder, MyWebsite, and eCommerce Website Builder packages.

1&1's Features

Name of Plan

Website Builder Basic

Price Per Month (including hosting)

$6.99 $.99

Domain Registration Cost

1 Year Free

Payment Terms


Free Trial

30 Days

Number of Templates


Setup Wizard


E Commerce Tools

No, but

SEO Tools


Hosting Space


Number of Email Accounts


Image Library


Customer Support

4 stars for 1&1's Customer Support

Ease of Use

4 stars for 1&1's Ease of Use